About Cari

My real name is Carolina but everyone calIs me Caro or Cari, I'm 20 years old and I live in the electric and magical Mexico City. 

I love everything related with creativity: photography, movies, books, paintings, crafts, make-up, fashion and the list goes on and on. This blog kind of puts all that together to create this massive informative and cool space made for young people who like to "wander". 

The Nocturnals was born in July 2010 when I first opened my Tumblr page. The story behind the name "The Nocturnals" is really simple, I loved staying all night on Tumblr talking to some friends and just having a blast (yeah, that was real fun for me) so I changed my URL to "The Nocturnals" because "The Nocturnal" was already taken haha but now I like it more.

I hope you enjoy your visit!! 


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