Jul 4, 2014

ULTRAVIOLENCE: Lana del Rey's new sizzling album

Back at 2012, a shy and overwhelmed Lana del Rey told Vogue Magazine, she may not write another record, as she didn't have anymore to say, following the release of her debut album Born to die. Evidently, Del Rey's still has enought to say. Her brand-new album, Ultraviolence, was released this past June 13.

We met Lana's steamy sounds and persona through her Video Games' music video, which consisted in vintage-like clips and her natural self singing. The internet made it viral, this woman was the new queen of sad teenagers over the world. Two years have passed and Del Rey is still keeping her original style, which doesn't clasify in any other cliques around the music industry.

This time Del Rey teamed up with Black Keys' Dan Auerbach to produce most of the album at his studio in Nashville. Auerbach brought Ultraviolence to a new level with seductive guitars and psychodelic sounds to enhace Lana's voice.

Listening to Ultraviolence can have two effects: either you love it or hate it, either you sing without knowing any lyrics or you fell asleep. The first song "Cruel World", sets the mood for the whole album, a sensual cry for a destructive relationship, "I'm so happy now that you're gone". As the rest of the album plays along, you may feel you're hearing in black & white. What is different from Del Rey's music and every other pop artist out there is the fact that her rhymes are not from this particular age, not even an specific one. You can meet the 20's, the 70's or even the 80's while listening to Ultraviolence, which makes it even more appealing.

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